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Essential Days Out Oxfordshire: All you need to know if you’re spending a day in Oxfordshire

Is Oxford in south east England? 

England has so much to offer in all areas of the country. You can spend your days in north west England or go south east in the opposite direction, for some great days out in Oxfordshire read on. Oxford is a beautiful city found in the county of Oxfordshire in southeast England. Oxford is known for the friendly and energetic atmosphere that pervades every nook and alley of the pedestrianised city center, which is home to the esteemed Oxford University. Oxfordshire is world renowned and an attraction in its own right. It attracts a high level of tourism from locals and foreigners visiting England. Many people find one day is not enough and decide to stay for several days. The city’s 38 colleges in the medieval center earned it the moniker “City of Dreaming Spires” by poet Matthew Arnold. There is an abundance of things to do in Oxfordshire for the perfect day out for both adults and the kids. There are indoor and outdoor activities for all the family to visit and enjoy. Here on our website, you can see an array of things to do in Oxford for both kids and adults. You can find family days out, kids days out and much more.

Where can I go for a day out in Oxfordshire?

Spending a day in Oxfordshire is always a treat. It is a hotspot for those visiting England and the rest of the UK. There is so much to choose from when deciding on what to do on a day out in Oxford. Across Oxfordshire you are spoilt for choice when deciding what to do with the family and kids. For adults on a day out, there is a wealth of options to choose from.

You can take a tour of the Oxford Artisan Distillery which is Oxford’s first (legal) distillery, with a quirky edge, a link to medieval farming, and a forward-thinking attitude. It’s a local favourite because it offers award-winning spirits including vodka, gin, and rye whiskey created from heritage grains recovered from a medieval thatched roof and now grown locally. Follow their journey from seed to bottle, learn about traditional farming methods, see the handcrafted custom stills Nautilus and Nemo, and taste how it all comes together in silky smooth spirits with distinct flavours. The garden bar of the distillery is located at the highest point in steep South Park. Come for a weekend drink and a stroll through the park for panoramic views of the city.

What activities are there to do in Oxfordshire for kids?

There is so much on offer for the whole family to enjoy in Oxfordshire. If you’re interested in sports and action packed days out, you can head to the Woodgreen Leisure Centre. They have a heated outdoor, olympic sized swimming pool and gym. You can spend your time swimming and having a picnic, they have a cafe on site.

If your children are slightly older, they might love the prospect of visiting the Oxford Castle and Prison. The castle and jail have a 1,000-year history that includes murders, romances, escapes, and executions. Being a prisoner in Oxfordshire was a horrific experience. It’s no surprise that escape attempts were common due to unscrupulous warders, vermin epidemics, and harsh treatment. Learn about it all, as well as the history of the city’s Norman castle, or go on a ghost hunt to see if any former convicts can be seen.

The Harry Potter Tour is a brilliant way to immerse yourself back into the magical world of impossibilities. A firm favourite amongst both children and adults. You can join a small-group tour of the magical places utilised in the Harry Potter films. You may walk around the streets and colleges to see where Hogwarts’ great hall and Knockturn Alley got their inspiration, as well as visit the genuine Divinity School, which served as a backdrop for the Hogwarts infirmary and classroom sequences. Along the way, take a Potter-mania quiz to see how living at Hogwarts relates to university life now.

Are there dedicated kids days out in Oxfordshire? 

There is a wide variety of options in Oxfordshire when deciding on how you’ll be spending your days with your children. From indoor ice-skiing to outdoor river punting. Punting is a traditional Oxfordshire hobby that entails paddling along the river while someone stands behind you and, well, punts! Punting isn’t like American football; it’s more like a flat wooden boat going down a stream, and it’s a fun way to get the whole family engaged in Oxfordshire pastimes. It’s really fun to do this with youngsters because they love steering the boat, and if you bring a change of clothes, there’s no harm done if someone falls in.

The Botanic Garden & Arboretum is another firm favourite for children and adults of all ages. The Oxfordshire Botanic Gardens, as one of the world’s oldest botanic gardens, is a fantastic place to take children. They cater to children in addition to their standard greenhouses, gardens, and activities. There are several paths, for example, including the Garden Eye Spy trail for young children and a trail for older children that teaches them about plants in an age-appropriate manner. You can find yourself wandering around the botanical garden for days. It’s that beautiful and there’s so much to view.

There is a rare spectacle you can find towards the east in Oxfordshire. While it isn’t a long stay, children will enjoy visiting the Headington Shark, which is a shark monument that protrudes from a house in Headington. It’s now an AirBnb, but seeing this Oxfordshire relic is a must-do for families with children.

Like Museums? Take a day to visit Oxford University Museum

The world-famous Oxford University Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum of archeology and ethnography in Oxfordshire is an incredible place to visit, with everything from reindeer knickers and mummified cats to blowpipes and Japanese libation sticks on display. The half-light of the Pitt Rivers exhibits massive tiered galleries that take a minute to adjust to, but once they do, you know you’ve arrived somewhere unique. It’s an armchair traveler’s delight and the place to learn about tribal rites, old traditions, and cultural beliefs from around the world, with treasures from around the world packed into glass cases and dominated by a large totem pole. The kids will love it. It’s difficult to take it all in, but the adornment part delves into the history of beauty, from tooth sharpening and head shaping through piercing and tattooing. This is a fantastic day out for all of the family. This is a must see if you’re spending a day or two in Oxfordshire. You can check out their website to see the days and times which they are open.

The Ashmolean Museum, Britain’s oldest public exhibit, is also located here. A collection that spans continents, civilizations, and artistic genres can be found here. This majestic, neo-classical but once-stuffy venue has been transformed into a modern, light-filled room crammed with artifacts thanks to a refurbishment. Pick a topic and learn about Chinese ceramics, medieval musical instruments, or European art. Here you’ll find paintings by Michelangelo, Raphael Pisarro, and Turner, as well as Samurai armor, a Stradivari violin, Japanese netsuke, and more. You can check out their website to see the days in time in which they are open.

The Story Museum is the perfect day out for both kids and the whole family. Celebrating global storytelling while also providing an excellent introduction to Oxfordshires’ literary past, this is a favourite amongst visitors visiting both England and the UK. They host a variety of interesting presentations, activities, and performances, as well as workshops, a comic club, and adult-only fairytale nights. You can spend your day strolling into Narnia through a wardrobe door, traveling between narrative worlds, rediscovering your favorite book characters, and exploring an enchanted library where you can browse between shelves and find yourself inside a novel, if you so wish. Hands-on family entertainment that will take you into your favorite stories while also introducing you to new ones. You can check out their website to see the days in time in which they are open.


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